Customized cutting solutions that trim costs and boost quality

You’ve designed a product that needs a custom cutting tool to make it happen. But you can’t afford to wait months for a design. So should you settle for an off-the-shelf tool that requires more manufacturing steps, more labor and creates more scrap?

Don’t waste your company’s money or jeopardize your product’s quality. Get the custom cutting tool you want – and get it faster – much faster – from Muskegon Tool.

Custom tooling is what we do – that’s why we respond faster.

Muskegon Tool engineers solve custom-cutting challenges every day. They have solutions to tooling problems most companies never tackle. That’s why our engineers can analyze your machining requirements, then design customized cutting solutions that trim costs and boost quality.

Free concept prints for a full line of cutting products

Give us your specific application requirements and Muskegon Tool design engineers will provide complimentary concept prints for the custom spade drilltrepan toolindexable drillboring bardouble-edge boring toolline boring bar, or milling cutter you need. Then we will support you with fast turnaround on replacement serrated bladeschasers and double-edged cutters. And if your operation needs dry, coolant-free chilled air to make the cut, the Chilcut II cold air unit reduces shop compressed air temperature by 50 degrees or more.

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