Custom Boring Bars

One of the easiest ways to reduce your machining costs is to bore multi-diameter holes in one operation. Our custom indexable inserted tools have been field proven successful in producing multiple bores and features to customer specified tolerances all in one machining operation.

  • Send us a copy of your part print. Our engineers will analyze your machining requirements and design a tool to meet your tooling needs.
  • Call us with the specifics of your application. Talk with our engineers directly about the machining challenges you face and let them provide opportunities to improve your performance and profitability.
  • Guaranteed performance. Muskegon Tool guarantees that if we design a tool for your application, it will work or we will take back the tool and refund your money.
  • On-site technical support. Need a little extra help with an application or a first-time run?  Our sales and engineering staff often travels to customers' facilities to provide face to face support.  Call us or click here to start saving time and money on your line.

Custom Boring Bars & Indexable Inserted Tools

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Special rough bore and chamfer tool.

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Special multiple diameter boring tool.

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Special pack bore bar with bronze roller pilot to rough and finish hole.

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Special rough bore bar to bore, face, chamfer and groove.

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Special boring head with bronze wear strips to bore a 12" to 14" diameter hole.

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Special boring tool to flat bottom bore, chamfer and face.

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Special drilling and boring tool.

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Custom spherical radius cutter.

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Special cartridge style boring head.