Line Boring Tooling

It’s tough to stay in spec when you are line bore machining. Fortunately, there is a tooling system that can tackle these challenges and produce parts that meet and exceed engineering tolerances. In fact, tolerances can be maintained so closely and repeatably that this system is often used for aircraft component applications.

  • Overcomes line-boring problems others can’t solve. Muskegon Tool’s Complete Line Boring System is your answer to problems with:
    • Machine alignment and repeatability
    • Tight tolerances
    • Taper, “barrels” and “hour glasses”
    • Concentricity
    • Deflection
    • Multiple in-line bores at the same time
  • Bores in four simple steps. (1) Align the boring fixture with the part to be bored and insert the boring bar. (2) Insert roughing cutter(s) into the boring bar and rough bore the part to establish the bore centerline. (3) Chamfer the hole with the chamfering cutter. (4) Insert the finishing cutter into the boring bar. Repeatability is typically within +/- .0005.
  • Produces multiple in-line bores anywhere line boring is required. Muskegon Tool design engineers will design a line boring tool that will bore quickly and efficiently to your specifications. Call us or click here to discuss your application needs.

Line Boring Tools

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Special line bore bar for engine pylon to wing attachment.

Thumbnail image

Special piloted boring tool.

Thumbnail image

Special rough boring tool for wing attachment.

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Special piloted front and back boring tool for oilfield application.

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Special through bore and counterbore tool.

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Special line bore tool for wing attachment.